This radical new interpretation of love as the touchstone of the Christian message, explores the human longing for meaning, the relational model of the Trinity, mystical spiritual traditions; and what love is. 
Acta Publications 2012.

contemporary spirituality FOR Adults



"Written with conviction and passion artful gathering and arranging of ideas ...would that we heard more like this ...challenging and disturbing."

​This book reflects on the spiritual adventure that each of us must face. This adventure is a journey of discovery, and it will be a long trip, rich in new, rewarding ideas about the challenges of spiritual life. 



Rediscovering Jesus' Priorities
Ten Strategies to Nuture Our Spiritual Lives
Enjoying Retirement
Bring out the meaning of faith through reflection, discussion, planning, journaling, strategizing, and sharing. A good resource for groups. 2014 
The One Thing Necessary

Living motivated by faith is increasingly difficult in our contemporary Church and world. Fortunately, there are many glimpses of grace around us, and many aspects of our faith that help us find life and fulfillment in God.

Look again at Jesus' teachings, rediscover the values he proclaimed, and renew the essential components of a living and vital Christianity. 2014
A fresh spin on the life stage of retirement -- a time of
grace, when one can refocus his or her life on the values of faith. A practical guide with a Christian approach. Paulist Press 2010