How to Become a Great Spiritual Leadership
Meditations on Leadership
Transform one’s role in the workplace, ensuring a collaborative environment of trust and confidence that energizes not only the culture of an organization, but also the effective accomplishment of its mission. Paulist Press 2007


Reflections for leaders of courage, spiritual dedication, and calm determination.

Spiritual Leadership

Spiritual Leadership

Ten steps that individuals can take to reflect spiritual values, and a hundred suggestions to make this transformation real and lasting.


"Profound and caring work ...I highly recommend to anyone interested in spiritual meaning of servant leadership ...clear, challenging, rich menu of reflections ...profound guidebook for leaders of the future ...beyond many current volumes ... elegant, powerful, forthright ...He strengthens our resolve ...He restores our hope..."

Today’s climate of distrust results in a sense of hope-

lessness in leadership. Going beyond inner motivation

to a vision of hope that can excite and empower

leaders to inspire others. Paulist Press 2011.