​​My wife and I now spend our year between our home in Spokane, WA. and a small medieval castle-village in Umbria, Italy. Umbria is a beautiful region of Italy, “the green heart of Italy,” and includes some extraordinary cities—Assisi, Perugia, Orvieto, Spoleto, Gubbio, to mention a few. It is also the land of mystics—Francis and Clare, Benedict and his twin sister Scholastica, Romuald, Clare of Montefalco, Rita of Cascia, Angela of Foligno, Ubaldo of Gubbio. Of course, it is also one of the great oil and wine regions of the world. Umbria has also been home to several great centers of religious renewal and spirituality—Assisi-Franciscan, Norcia-Benedictine, Cascia-St. Rita, Orvieto-Eucharistic, Terni-St. Valentine, Collevalenza-Sanctuary of Divine Love, Gubbio-Camaldolese reforms, and so on.

I have learned different interests in retirement—reflection, solitude, inspiration, silence. I love the beauty of the world around us, I feel inspired by the great figures whose lives I study, I value the simplicity of life and the people of Umbria, and I cherish history, art, music, and culture.

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​​In 2002, after a 35-year career as a professor of theology, spirituality and leadership, and dean of the graduate school at Gonzaga University, I retired  and have never looked back. When my wife, Helen, retired a year later I gave her a mug from Hallmark on which was written, “Retirement is the life you were always intended to live.” We have thoroughly enjoyed our retirement. It has given us opportunity to travel to many exciting places, to play golf, and for myself to reflect, study, and write on my favorite topics, and for my wife to spend time studying art and painting in oil. 

During my working life, I also traveled all over the world with my wife, Helen, giving over 350 programs and workshops in spirituality, spiritual leadership, and the mysticism of John of the Cross.  We still enjoy our favorite spots around the world on a regular basis, and are living a retirement that is very fulfilling. 

I have authored 24 books with a variety of leading publishers and numerous articles.  I currently write on three key topics—spirituality, spiritual leadership development, and a fascinating Spanish mystic of the 1500s named John of the Cross, who continues to inspire me.   

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