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Reader Comments

"Excellent work... should be found in everyone's collection ...five out of five stars ...comprehensive and comprehensible ...insightful, simple, clear, yet profound will enjoy every minute ...ancient wisdom for the spiritual journey ...leads you along paths that perhaps you never traveled ...everyone needs to read these."

Pure Union

The final chapter in John's vision of love, describing the end of a journey to spiritual marriage, beginning with longing and transforming through purification. A beautiful and expansive description of John being united and immersed in love, with a deeper understanding of the cosmos. 


The first book is written as if John of the Cross is speaking directly to the reader who has expressed interest in John’s life and teachings. In seven session, the reader will come to know the great mystic and his teachings and gain a deeper commitment to a spiritual life. 

a model of love

Guided by his own experience, John became a teacher and later a poet of human and divine love. The book presents links between John’s Spiritual Canticle and Scripture’s love poem, the Song of Songs. It recognizes the importance of the journey of love in the stages of spiritual life as applied to contemporary situations.

understand a challenging work

All the necessary background for anyone who wishes to benefit from this great spiritual work. The book starts with the life of John of the Cross, identifying the dark nights of his own life. It presents the stages of spiritual life and the importance of dark nights, and contains aids and key questions for applying John's messages today. 

A series on john of the cross

These books give historical, regional, and religious background rarely found in other introductory books on John of the Cross. They each present an abbreviated and accessible form of John’s great works in study guide form.  Click on the cover title photo to see more on  Join me in discussing St. John of the Cross and the application of his message today on my blog