Wipf and Stock Publishers recently requested to re-print several books of mine and of my wife, Helen. They have done an excellent job and made these books available again to readers. These newly published books deal with Scripture, especially the gospels and the writings of St. Paul, spirituality, leadership, and the roles of laity in the Church. Please go directly to Wipf and Stock and see the listings under authors—Helen Doohan and also Leonard Doohan.

Helen Doohan
            Leadership in Paul
            Paul’s Vision of Church
            The Corinthian Correspondence

Leonard Doohan
            Biblical Spirituality and Everyday Life Series
                        Mark: Visionary of Early Christianity
                        Matthew: Spirituality for a Divided Community
                        Luke: The Perennial Spirituality
                        John: A Daring Vision of Faith
                        Acts of Apostles: Building Faith Communities
            The Lay-entered Church
            Laity’s Mission in the Local Church